Spa Wine


Spa and Personalised Wine – An Enchanting Combination

Whether it is a weekend or a weekday, a small glance at some resort and an interesting label plus a rarity in liquid form are a very interesting combination. It is bound to tickle your imagination and make you step-in to the spa with excitement, or if already there, then make your pleasant stay even more pleasant. You will quite possibly want to prolong it or maybe even repeat it in the near future.  And every relaxing moment from then on will remind you of that taste blend, just as the wine will be reminiscent of those relaxing days at the resort you now call your second home. Yes, Spa and Wine make a great combination to rule your senses for a long time.

Ever since the idea was born, it spread like wildfire and allowed independent facets of tourism to flourish. Every spa is a true representative of the wine culture of the region. Therefore the recommendation is to look up online before you venture to a resort somewhere and do a little research about the iconic harvests of the area and the types of wine it is manifested in. Then you’ll know which one to choose and enjoy accordingly.

Spa Resorts – The newest branch of wine tourism

A good idea is to try the custom limited edition harvests that are only sold at the resort. They are almost always top notch as wine selling licenses are hard to come by as wineries charge a hefty amount for them. Not only that but they also choose to distribute only the best of the best as both the spa requests the best wine for their guests and the winery is wise to spend their most quality goods for the further popularisation of the brand. So, after your mud bath, next time you’d want to venture into a Jacuzzi at some lovely resort, do not hesitate to immerse yourself in the wonders of grape-induced hedonism. Because relaxation should know no bounds and is to be experienced slowly and fully.

This principle still is in its’ infancy. Because of that, we don’t possess a cross reference with a multi-decade pool information. But – as all predictions did point out – wine has always been an art for as the perfect amalgamation between nature and industry. It was like this even three thousand years ago when Dionysus was the reason for the massive feasts in ancient Greece, where hundreds of litres of precious grape juice were drunk on a nightly basis.

The idea of personalised wine for marketing to spa-goers

Presenting wine as a gift to spa-goers is a newly emerging trend. It has taken effect on a worldwide basis, improving the already hospitable environment that a spa resort offers. Wine is one of the oldest and most prominent drinks known to man. Therefore it spends a lot of time in our hands and strategically placing an advertisement on the label or implementing it on the bottle itself allows you to indulge in a subtle way of promoting your brand to serious and versed clients. People of the sort can be found as frequent clients in spa resorts. With satisfied clientele comes more clientele, and with more clientele, you get a chance to make your brand a true worldwide phenomenon. This is also an excellent opportunity for marketing the brand and expanding your business.


Customised wine labels – The In thing

So why not further expand this art form with customised labels? They can range from the personalised spa ones, with the logo and even a custom message printed out if ordered in advance. Because who wouldn’t want a rare and expensive addition to their wine cellar? Especially with their name and a personalised message on it. This has also been a booming trend with independent breweries and small wineries. They allow young and still unknown artists to affirm themselves in the cold and unfriendly world of marketing. In return, the bottle gets a design unique to and a fresh, uncanny appearance bound to make heads turn and people Google it whenever they see it.

Who wouldn’t find it flattering to be an owner of a wine bottle both limited and containing his name engraved on the label? We’re talking about a bottle so excellent that it can be stored for generations. One day, your clients will wake up to find their offspring wondering how their grandpa ended up on a wine bottle. These kinds of gestures can be a finishing touch to a new contract or a reason for your husband to hug you even stronger while you celebrate your anniversary with a couple of sips from the same bottle you gifted him. Wine and alcohol, in general, aren’t meant to be priorities in life but viewing them from an artistic perspective and taking them in moderation is bound to spice your life up a bit.

The year 2010, when this trend was making its’ baby steps, Mexican winemakers used this opportunity to market their own brands. They created an ideal mix of Aztec culture and Mediterranean climate, shared by Southern European winemaking powerhouses such as Greece, Italy, Spain and the mother of them all – France. So, this is just one more additional option in an already bustling market – don’t hesitate to immerse yourself and be a part of it.


Wine and Spa – Make some interesting partnerships

It’s also a nice gesture to gift a spa treatment voucher and a special personalised wine bottle to business partners and clients. Many famous spa resorts around the globe have morphed into more than facilities where you can expect rest, leisure and relaxation. They became synonymous with quality time. With very prestigious facilities, it’s a custom to thank your most loyal customers and ambitious newcomers for a spa treatment. What better way to do that than with everyone’s favourite grape product?

That’s exactly how this trend started – both as a thank you to old customers, and a thank you to the new ones who will be struck by an unusual sign of gratitude and subsequently decide to become regulars. It’s all about hospitality, not making your brand seem like a big, professional corporation. It’s about resembling an extended family that welcomes everyone into their circle. And what better way to be welcomed than by a glass of cool pinot noir from the depths of some well-hidden wine cellar full of multi-decade old gems?